Road Building & Construction In The UK

Road Building in Britain

Roads in Britain did not, in effect, exist, until the Romans established themselves here, a little after the birth of Christ.

The country was not without “ways”, the great Icknield way and Pedars way to name just a couple, which followed ridges and generally higher ground, which made them useable for most of the year, but for the most part, basic tracks ran between communities.

The use of these tracks would be determined by the weather or the time of the year. Rain could render route impassable as a quagmire, prolonged rain could simply wash Continue reading Road Building & Construction In The UK

School Leavers and Further Education

School Leavers Today

The talk today that we hear most from school leavers, is of going to university. This is a big spectrum since the expansion of the term “university” took in various technical college type establishments and put them under the same umbrella.

It means that leavers today can go to university and study media, golf course management, possibly a degree in Jedi, with apparently the same gravitas as studying law, philosophy or quantum mechanics.

Whichever type of course you choose, going to uni’ can represent a huge step in growing up. It can be one of the main Continue reading School Leavers and Further Education

How To Design A Website

Website Design Essentials

Before you commission a new website, or engage a web designer to build a new site for you, it’s important to understand what you want your new website to do for you.

If you blindly build a new site without taking any time to choose a platform that will work for you, to choose fast, reliable hosting, to structure your site so that it’s mobile friendly, Google friendly and able to perform online then you will be throwing good money after bad, compounding your lack of Continue reading How To Design A Website

Online Shopping Safety

Online Shopping and Keeping Your Money Safe

The world of retailing, brought to you by the World Wide Web, seems rather like the stars in the night sky, the more you look, the more you see, and there appears to be no finite number.

The reasons for shopping online are as easy to see as the keys on your machine are easy to touch. It seems that virtually everyone does it, so why not give it a go!

No reason why not, but, remember that basically you will be embarking on a financial transaction, and where financial transactions take place, there will always be someone shady, in the shadows, looking to steal.

A few simple things to bear in mind can let you Continue reading Online Shopping Safety

Driving Offences Increase As Police numbers Fall

The Relationship Between Police Numbers & Driving Offences

There is growing statistical evidence to the long held belief that driving offences grow in number where there is a less visible police presence.

Much of our day to day road traffic policing is being passed across to cameras rather than police officers. In the same way that motorists speed past ‘Traffic Officers’ on motorways, cameras only function to capture excess speed offences, so, as long as you are within the speed limit for the road in question, you could Continue reading Driving Offences Increase As Police numbers Fall